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Vizsla Fact 4.13.21

 Vizslas are expert food inspectors They want you to know that they’re only getting this close to your food to make sure it’s safe for you to eat. They don’t want your food for themselves. They’re willing to personally inspect your food to ensure it’s of the highest quality because you only deserve the best. Vizslas, willing to sacrifice and put our best interests first. Bravo Vizslas ❤️
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Vizsla Fact 4.12.21

  Vizslas double as lifeguards Don’t think the danger isn’t there while you’re taking a bath. Yes you are awake. Yes you know how to swim but we’ve all read the fact that you can drown in less than 2 inches of water. Vizslas know this and that’s why they always want to be with us in the bathroom. Toilets, bathtubs and even sinks are a potential death trap for us. Thank you Vizslas for your tireless efforts to keep us safe! Please check out our Facebook page! Gambit and Griffin the dogs
 Viszla Fact 4.11.21 Viszlas redefine the word velcro By definition, Velcro is a fastener constructed in such a way that adheres when pressed together and can be separated when pulled apart deliberately. Vizslas however can’t really be removed from you, deliberately or otherwise. They are the shadow you always knew you needed. They are your split apart. Just don’t expect them to ever respect your personal space. They simply don’t know what that means and we love them for it This video and post helps to illustrate just how true that fact is!! Please check out our Facebook page! Gambit and Griffin the dogs

Vizsla Fact 4.10.21

Check out today’s Vizsla Fact from two of your favorite Vizslas! Vizsla Fact 4.10.21

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Meet Gambit and Griffin the dogs! They are half brothers and Vizslas by breed. True to their nature, Vizslas have robust and wonderful personalities! This blog is dedicated to all the comedic and heart warming experiences they give us. We hope you share in that love and delight of all that they do!!